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Amazon had announced a grand sale, A large number of buyers got busy placing online orders. Mr. & Mrs. Kadam were also contemplating placing an order for some furniture to avail large discounts.

“Let us order a new sofa set. The existing sofa set is totally out of fashion. Whenever my friends come to our house, they don’t forget to suggest I to change the sofa set before the next meeting. So we can shut their mouths once for all.” Mrs. Kadam put forward her point.

“I agree, the sofa set needs a change. But I think the fridge also warrants a replacement. Don’t you find the fridge insufficient for all the things to keep cool whenever some guests arrive? I think we should get a fridge of larger size. That seems to be a higher priority.” Mr.Satish Kadam put forth his idea.

“But to think of it, even the air conditioners in the bedrooms are not functioning properly. They also need to be changed over. We require split a.c. to cover both the rooms.” Mrs. Kadam pointed another item that needed immediate attention.

“I think we will not agree over the most needed thing in the house. So, I feel, we should not place any order for any single item. Instead, we will postpone our purchases till the next sale. And,  two of us should take a trip to a nearby destination, for 4-5 days.   Andaman islands would be the right place to visit. We can talk to different Travellers.

We have not taken a trip for very long. Better we choose some destination to relax and recharge ourselves.”

“Yes. This is a good idea. We will buy the furniture at the next sale. That means we will not buy anything this season. We will enjoy our vacation at some unexplored place maybe a beach like Nivati, where very few people go.”

Finally, concluding that they would neither buy any piece of furniture nor would go to someplace to relax this season, but postpone the action till the end of the year, Mr. and Mrs. Kadam went off to sleep.

Later, the big advertisements of the sale were tempting the Kadam couple to buy something that was playing in their mind. But they refrained from it. Controlled themselves and did not order anything, postponing their urge for buying something new.

After a week, they received a packet from Amazon, when the actual sale had created a lot of commotion in the public. Curiously, Mrs. Kadam opened the packet. She was surprised to see two tickets for a grand tour to the Andaman islands. Delighted, she wondered who had sent the tickets when she did not find the sender’s name on the parcel. Extremely happy to see the tickets, she discussed the matter with Mr.Kadam. They considered all the possibilities of who could have turned empathetic and presented them the tickets about which they were planning for the last year.

“Could it be Nilesh, your friend from Pune with whom we had discussed going outstation?” Mrs. Kadam guessed.

“No. I don’t think it is Nilesh. Do you remember how angry he was when we did not agree with him on any destination while planning to go out together? Finally, he swore not to think about any picnic with us anymore. I don’t think he would surprise us with a picnic so soon.” Mr.Kadam ruled out that possibility.

“In that case, it could be my friend Nilima. She wanted to show off to our friends that whenever she gives any gift, it is never a small, low-cost thing. This gift would give her a chance to boast about her magnanimous gesture on several occasions. My God. Now I will have to keep appreciating her gesture again and again in our every meeting.”

” No. I feel strongly that this must be action from Ramesh. During our last get-together, when he got high after repeat pegs of rum, he remembered his losing a bet with me that was taken some 2-3 years ago. Started saying, “Satish, I have to give you some gift which you will remember for a long.”

Over this, I had said, “Ramesh, this you are saying because you are high, under the influence of liquor. You are in heaven now. Tomorrow morning when you come down to earth, tell me the same thing. The bet that you have forgotten for the last two years, I don’t think you will remember it after you become normal”

My saying this, hurt him very much. Later, every half an hour he was telling me, “Satish, I have not forgotten the bet. Tell me what you want as an unforgettable gift.”

To tease him further, I said, “Ok. Give me two tickets for a tour to Andaman island.” To this he replied, “Done. Satish, you will receive tickets for two for a trip to Andaman”.

Maybe, this time, he has truly remembered his bet even after he became normal. So, this must be the memorable gift from Ramesh.” Mr.Satish Kadam reiterated his idea about the generous person.

“Satish, I feel this gift is from Mrs.Gore. A few days ago, Mrs.Gore had announced that her brother had started a traveling agency. This must be a promotional freebie of that endeavor.”

Not coming to any conclusive decision over the person who could have gifted them this wonderful present, they decided to forget about the generous person and get ready to enjoy the cherished dream.

Planned their clothing for the entire week, packed the suitcases, and prepared to board the plane direct to Andaman. On the day of departure, they got ready, ensured that all the cupboards, windows, and doors were locked properly, the car was kept inside the garage which was also locked carefully. Satish called the Uber services and the Kadam couple was on their way to Andaman.

And after a week, when the Kadam couple returned to Mumbai carrying many unforgettable memories with them, they reached home in the late evening at around 8. Their independent bungalow looked very attractive to them.

Mr.Kadam took out the keys and tried to open the door. Satish came to know the lock was broken.

Satish had goosebumps. He opened the door and entered the house.

Satish was shocked to see his house ransacked. 

The frame of the 60″ TV was without the TV.  He went into the kitchen. And the fridge was not in its place. Mrs. Kadam entered the bedroom. Both the cupboards were broken-opened.  Almost empty. She looked up and found even the air-conditioners too were absent. She rushed into the other bedroom. The air-conditioner there too was not in its position.

To the mirror, a note was attached,” At least now, can you guess  who had sent the tickets for Andaman?”

Kadam couple totally depressed, sat on their suitcases inside their own house.


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