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He can not be found in temples
Nor is He traceable in places of worship
He resides only there where people toil.

He does not need thanking him for good things
Nor does he respond to complaints for bad happenings
He just watches the performance in different situations

He does not care for the number of times He is remembered everyday
Nor does He bother about religious rituals
He appreciates only the honest feelings.

Neither does he keep count of incense sticks or candles burnt in front of him.
Nor does he take note of the value of offerings
He just measures the purity of mind.

Neither is it necessary to give up responsibilities
Nor is it required to be aloof from the society.
He understands only duties performed without expecting returns.

Does not matter how small is the action.
Or how insignificant is the thought
But that is the only way to reach GOD.