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This is GUESS WHO IS COMING TO DINNER second season.

1> That was a movie released in 1960s. This is a real story of 2015.

2> In the film, protagonist Dr. John and heroin Juliana fell in love after a short meeting and decided to get married immediately there after.

Here ERIC and NEAH knew each other for solid five years. They thought of getting married after considering all the possibilities.

3> In movie, the boy’s parents visit girl’s residence to discuss the matter.

Here, girl’s parents are visiting boy’s residence.

4> In the film, the pigmentation difference is the main issue. Both the parents oppose the marriage initially, as the color difference was not acceptable to the society, then.

Here the different color is not any issue. Both parents do not raise that point at all.

5> In the movie, the boy is dark and the girl is white.

Here the boy is white and the girl is brown.

6> In the movie, both the characters are from same religion and same country.

Here the girl and boy are both from different religion and have different nationality.

7> In the movie, the white community members consider themselves superior to dark people. That point is discussed at length. In fact, that is the main point of drama.

Here 40-50 years ago the Americans looked down upon Indians.  But today the scenario is different. Both the countries have realized the common points between them. Both countries are democracies. Americans have realized that Indians are no less intelligent.

8> Eric, the American has completed his doctorate in Cellular Biology.

Neah, the Indian has also got her doctorate in the same field, in fact from the same institute.

9> In the movie, both parents want to confirm whether the young pair has considered future of next generation. The acceptance of their young ones by both the societies will not be easy.

Here both the parents want to know whether the younger pair has considered the impact of cultural difference.

10> In US the marriage knot is tied a little loosely. It can be untied without creating an issue.

In India the marriage knot is tied tightly. Untying the knot is not so easy without raising an issue.

Adjustment from each partner to the maximum to keep the marriage going is the unwritten law in India.

11> In the movie, after realizing white and dark people have similar thinking line, the parents agree for the marriage.

Here both the parents do not have doubts over each other’s capability. Only matter of concern is about impact on their future life due to cultural difference.

12>  Finally, the common interests of trekking, skiing, and adjusting nature of both apart from their common field of profession makes a solid case for successful bondage of marriage.

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