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The Chain

Mr.Richardson and his wife were waiting at the dining table for their son Xander to join them to dinner. When Xander arrived, they started sharing various dishes Mrs. Richardson had cooked. A family of three members was  well-connected. It was a family loving each other.  Teen aged son Xander had just completed schooling and was looking for a job.  Extremely happy otherwise, Mr.Richardson was little worried about his son. Very good in academics, he was interested in sports. But father never heard from him any talk about the female friends whatever few he had. Xander always referred his boyfriends, his sports partners but nothing about opposite gender. Father had suspicion that his son may be getting into homosexuality. Otherwise normal, his son never showed any interest in girls.

Mr.Richardson thought over some idea and planned out a scheme so that his son gets exposed to the thrills of being heterosexual.

At the dining table he disclosed his plan. “Look Xander. I have some project for you.  I have one friend Mrs. Johnson. I had lent her one gold chain when she was in trouble.  Now so many years have passed and she has forgotten about it. I want to get the chain back. But I am feeling awkward to ask for the chain. You have to visit her and get the chain back for me.  There are three ladies staying together in the apartment.  So please use all your skills and get me the chain back from her. I will give you the detailed name and address, phone no. etc. tomorrow evening.  Your mission starts from day after tomorrow. Ok?”

“Yes. Dad, I have accepted the challenge and within a day or two you will get your chain. What is the age of the lady?

“She must be in her forties.  Get ready with all your ideas tomorrow and get into action day after tomorrow. Right then. If you win I will give you my car till you buy yours.  Good night.”

After dinner  every body retired to bed.

Next day, Mr. Richardson before noon took off to Mrs. Johnson. On the way he bought a gold chain and reached  Mrs. Johnson.  “Look. I am assigning a big task to you. You know, I have never visited you after my marriage and I remembered the kind of friendly relationship we had whenever I visited you. So I thought you to be dependable for this task. If you are successful , I will give you a good chunk of dollars.”

Saying this Mr. Richardson took out the gold chain, put it in her hand and said, “I will send my son who is just entering twenties, to you. I have told him that I have lent a gold chain to you some years ago and he has to get it back from you.  See, I am suspecting that he is inclined to homosexuality  and I don’t want this to happen. I want you to get him interested in opposite sex. He is a novice but see that he enjoys  the sex with you. He must come on right track and lead a normal life. So Mrs. Johnson, all the best! He will be here tomorrow. How are your room partners?”

“They are fine and going strong. If you want to see them they will be here in an hour.”

“No. Not at the moment.  Just let me know your charges and I will make the payment.”
“Oh, don’t worry on that account. I am sure about your payment.”

Mr. Richardson returned home and wrote down the address and phone no. for his son to go to get the gold chain. His wife saw the address, “So your friend is in red light area? And you are sending your own son in that dirty area?” “Look dear, I suspect Xander is inclined to homosexuality. I don’t want him to take that weird path. Don’t you want your son to lead a normal life? Trust me. It will not harm Xander. It will bring him on correct path.”

In the evening , Mr.Richardson handed over the address to Xander and wished him all the very best.

On the D day afternoon, Xander got ready and started off to see Mrs. Johnson.

Here Mrs. Johnson talked to her two room partners. She told them that she was expecting  a novice customer. As such she was not interested in entertaining him. If any one of them would take care of him she can do so.  Clara came forward and showed her willingness. Tina warned her about the novice boy. But Clara was decided to handle the boy. Mrs. Johnson explained everything about the chain and advised her to put it around her waist, identify herself as Mrs.Johnson. and told her to hand over the chain to the boy only after he satisfies her.

In the late afternoon, Clara was waiting for the novice customer. The bell rang and all the three went to open the door. There was Xander.

“Is this Mrs. Johnson’s apartment? I want to see her.”

Clara came forward and said “Here I am. How can I help you?”

“See Mrs. Johnson, I am Xander Richardson.  Do you remember Mr. Richardson, my father? “

“Yes. Very much. He is a good friend of mine. We have not met for quite many years.”

“Do you remember he had lent you a gold chain so many years back. Do you have any intentions to return it?”

“Yes of course. I have put it on my waist and remember him whenever I see the chain.”

“Please give me the  chain back. We need it urgently.”

“Certainly. But you yourself will have to take it from my waist.”

“What nonsense! But it is okay.” Saying this Xander went close to her.

“Ay, you want to make me naked in front of all these ladies? Let us go to our bedroom.”

Clara rushed to the adjoining bed room.  Xander followed her.

“Now  you may.” Clara said. And Xander got into action.

Tina, from outside of the room was listening to all the sounds both the members were making.  She got interested. She put her ears against the door and enjoyed the process going on inside. Nearly an hour later after a shriek everything calmed down.  Both of them fell off to sleep due to very vigorous activity.

This was the moment when Tina slowly sneaked into the room, removed the chain from Clara’s waist and  put it on hers.

After few minutes Xander got up. And did not find the chain on Clara’s waist. Clara got up. Xander asked for the chain. He put on his clothes and came out saying loudly “Give me my chain Mrs.Johnson. I followed your instruction and now you are cheating me.”

“Yes. She has cheated you. She is Clara. Actually, I am Mrs.Johnson. And the chain is around my waist. You will have to take it yourself” Tina said.

 “What is this?”

“Nothing doing. You will have to go through the same process to get the chain.”


“Why not? You are a young boy. Come inside the room.”

Tina entered the room and Xander had to follow her.

The entire process was repeated.  Again, with his weapon  Xander squeezed Tina out. She also enjoyed the novice boy much more than any seasoned experienced man.

This time it was actual Mrs.Johnson’s turn to get jealous. She also wanted to have fun with the novice. She  did the same thing as Tina did. Removed the chain from Tina’s waist before Xander woke up from his little nap and put it on hers.

And the process was repeated the third time. Xander enjoyed this episode too.

But now, too tired he fell off to sleep . Sound sleep. When he got up it was morning of the next day. Now Mrs. Johnosn  handed over the chain to Xander. And told him to thank his father for the great help. She would never forget the chain.

Before anything further happens, Xander put on the clothes and set off to his house with the gold chain and with lot of memories of many happy moments of new experience. Mr. Richardson’s plan had worked successfully.

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