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On December 15th of 2019, the space shuttle team gathered for a final meeting of the astronauts for the last briefing about the mission.

“Yes, my brave team members, here is the plan.

This team of four is going to take off on 25th December at midnight. The space shuttle will be heading straight for the ISS (International Space station) and after orbiting for two days it will dock with the ISS.

The new team of two men and two women will take charge from the earlier team and within two days the old team will start their journey homewards.

The new team, please keep in mind that this trip of yours is not just a simple one to carry out some experiments.

We are going to observe the human behavioral changes and psychological effects of being in space without any support or backup from the earth for three years. Once you take charge and the old team starts their return journey, your entire communication channels will be cut off. You will not be able to contact the earth in any situation whatsoever, whether the space station gets set on fire or your oxygen supply gets over or any other calamity; you will be on your own. We have provided you with all the protective gadgets, and we have trained you on how to handle adverse circumstances.  Whatever conceivable situation, we have provided you with the solution. But if any unimagined threat to your life arises, you will have to handle it yourself. In no condition, we can be contacted.

And in such a secluded condition you will stay on ISS for three solid years. After the space shuttle takes off from the IS station, you will not even hear the existence of life. Only four of you will be there.  In this multiverse, with billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, you will be all alone. Only solace will be in the vicinity of earth. Nothing more than that.

Every day at a fixed time that is at 8 o’clock, you will have to stand in front of ROBOT XX and will have to answer the questions he asks you. He will test you in a certain way to know the state of your mind. It will record its findings but will not send them to us on earth. After three years when we will establish communication with you, ROBOT XX will hand over to us all the data collected.

But for three years neither you will hear from us nor you will be able to talk to us.

Okay, then teammates. Get ready for the space shuttle. All the very best.”

Everyone dispersed.

On 25th December night, the space shuttle took off.

After orbiting the earth twice, it docked with the ISS. The newly arrived team was welcomed by the existing team.

In three days, the returning team got onto the space shuttle. It was undocked from the ISS and it started its journey toward Earth.


The new team was left on the ISS to get back only after three complete years. The spirited team was at the peak of their excitement. They looked towards the earth.

It appeared so calm. It was rotating about its own axis at a fixed speed. It was also revolving around the sun. It was neither in any hurry nor having any concern about completing one revolution in one year. From this distant place, everything looked cool on earth. No border disputes between nations. No wars over the matter of supremacy of any country. The entire planet sounded peace-loving. The complete human race seemed to believe in peaceful co-existence.  It looked like an ideal place to live compared to the distant planets and other solar systems.






But here down on earth, on December 31, 2019, Wuhan Municipal Health Authorities reported a string of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, China.

On January 13 Thailand discovered its first patient, a sixty-one-year-old woman.

Then Japan recorded its sufferer.

On January 21 USA, TAIWAN, HONGKONG followed the suit. Then Singapore, Malaysia, France, Vietnam, and Nepal registered their first cases.

The death toll in Wuhan, China rose to 27.

On January 25 Canada, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia declared their first cases.

On January 29 Finland, UAE joined the list

On January 30 India, the Philippines reported their first cases.

The WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic THREAT to the entire world, on 30th January 2020.

And the mood all over the world had turned gloomy.


Satish and Vidya mulled over the issue.

“Don’t know how these developed countries are the first victims of the spread of the virus. Thank God the underdeveloped populous countries like ours are away from the effect. If it had started in this part of the world, it would have created havoc“.

“Already, the air pollution is causing innumerable diseases. The moving vehicles’ exhausts vitiate the environment so much that we can hardly see clear blue skies. As a result, stargazing in the clear night sky is becoming a rare occasion now.” 


On January 31 UK, Russia, and Italy joined the muster.

On February 4, Belgium reported the first victim.   The number of infected was increasing. Every day, a new name nation was getting added. Brazil, Canada, and Iran had witnessed the presence of COVID_19 victims.


“Yes. It is spreading very fast. But India is far away and I think we are safe“.


Astronauts on the ISS, viewed the earth rotating at the same speed in the same orbit as earlier.


But Indians have better immunity than Europeans & Americans as in India, the hygienic conditions are not critically maintained. Certainly, the virus will not open out here as it unfurled in the western countries








February 07, 2020

  • Total Countries With Confirmed Cases: 25
  • Total Confirmed Cases: 31,484
  • Total Confirmed Deaths:   638

February 20, 2020

  • Total Countries With Confirmed Cases: 27
  • Total cases confirmed Globally: 75,386
  • Total Deaths Worldwide: 2,129
  • Deaths Outside of China: 11

February 28, 2020

.    Total Countries with confirmed cases: 56

.    Middle East countries got infected. Afghanistan, Iran. Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Brazil, Georgia, Greece, Norway, Romania, and Pakistan were added to the list.

.    Total Cases Confirmed Globally: 84,090

.     Total Deaths Worldwide: 2,874

March 06, 2020

  • Total Countries With Confirmed Cases: 90
  • Total Cases Confirmed Globally: 100,481
  • Total Deaths Worldwide: 3,408
  • All 28 states declare an EMERGENCY in the US.

March 11



On 12 March, a 76-year-old man from Kalaburgi, Karnataka who had a travel history to Saudi Arabia became the first victim of the virus in the country



  • Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak recordsjust 5 new cases of coronavirus


March 13

  • More than 5,000 have diedfrom coronavirus worldwide.
  • S. President Donald Trump declared a state of National Emergency under the Stafford Act.
  • Total Countries with Confirmed Cases: 121
  • Total Cases Confirmed Globally: 142,095
  • Total Deaths Worldwide: 5,373
  • Deaths Outside of China: 2,197
  • Global coronavirus cases doublefrom last week, reaching almost 330,000 cases.  

On 25th March 2020, the Gudi Padva  Day as a proactive action, India declared LOCK-DOWN in the entire country. Plying of cars, buses, and auto rickshaws were stopped. The long-distance, local, and even metro train services were canceled.

March 26 

  • Nearly a third of the world’s population is livingunder coronavirus-related restrictions. 
  • United States death toll reachesone thousand.  


Every person was supposed to remain within the four walls of his house. Only for essential requirements, individuals were permitted to get out of their habitats.

The environmental difference, like the temperature in India being higher than in western countries, offered natural protection against pandemics.


On 28th March confirmed cases in India reaches 1000.


The infected number in India was swelling day by day. But the death rate was very low compared to the western world.

Big cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai were getting into the danger zone. All modes of transportation were banned and the entire country had come to a halt. (standstill.) Still, the infected number was swelling faster.

“Oh, the public does not take proper care.”

“At least in this horrifying situation, our careless attitude towards hygiene maintenance should change.”



“The entire world is under the grip of this pandemic COVID-19. We do not know how it is going to strangle the existence of the human race.”

Various theories for spreading the killer virus were being put forth.

“Some say, it is like influenza. Not to worry much.”

“But the figures coming from all over the world, suggest it is growing fast. Also, it is said to be fatal for senior persons. In particular, those having some serious illness already, are more vulnerable to the

COVID-19 virus attack.”


April 4: Worldwide cases exceed one million.


Astronauts on the ISS viewed the earth rotating at the same speed in the same orbit as earlier. But the picture looked clearer than earlier ever. The astronauts thought – “Looks like people on earth have taken air pollution very seriously and are taking effective actions against air adulteration. They appeared to be concerned about the health of the atmosphere.”


On 5th April confirmed deaths were 100.

“It is really, torturous to remain confined to four walls. Cannot go out to even to breathe the fresh air.”

“Yogita was saying she is finding it very difficult to contain her 6 years old daughter in four walls now. For a few days, they managed. But it is getting almost impossible to keep her from going out to play with her friends.”

“Yes. That is a big problem. We oldies can manage somehow. But what about youngsters, children?”

“Whatever you say, but the skies are clearer these days. One can easily spot stars, planets, constellations, etc. The appearance of ISS for a very short time, gliding gives immense pleasure.”


29th April Confirmed cases 30,000.

confirmed deaths 1000.

A big shuffle of migrant workers.

“Tukaram was finding it difficult to manage house without any source of income. Nobody is ready to call for any services for house maintenance. So, he has gone to his village in Satara”

“Ramlal was prudent that he left Mumbai for his village in UP by the first train available after the lockdown was declared. He knew nobody is going to come to have pani-puri from his cart in this lockdown period.”

“Sawant left for Ratnagiri as his employer had told him he would be called only after lockdown gets lifted.”


10th May, in India

Confirmed cases 50,000

confirmed deaths 2000


“Santosh’s company had announced that they would be working from home, so to make sure of the internet connection at home. And he left for Varanasi along with his family after he received his laptop from the company.”

“The construction workers have left Mumbai for their villages. So, all the construction work is totally stopped. The construction Engineers to go on leave till the building work resumes.”

Some hundreds of workers had started going to their villages, walking.


The number of infected persons was increasing in leaps and bounds. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, were the worst affected.

19th May in India confirmed cases 1,00,000.

27th May confirmed cases in the country 1,50,000.



“General public is not serious about masks and social distancing. If they do not follow these norms, the number of infected persons is definitely going to increase.”


31st May in India confirmed deaths 5000.


“Our area of Ashokvan is still safe. Not a single case so far. “

In Borivali and Mira Road a few cases were found and they were sent to quarantine centers.

All men were having the looks of Rishi Munis as it was nearly four months that the hair-cutting saloons were not allowed to open.

A new face of our youth was surfacing as many youngsters were volunteering as medical workers to increase the checking of citizens for detecting symptoms of Covid-19.

Families without youngsters in the house were receiving support from the younger generation. And then there came news that gave goosebumps to the people of Ashokvan. One old lady,  detected positive for Covid-19, was admitted to a hospital and within three days she died.


June 08  Confirmed cases 2,50,000.

Confirmed deaths 7200.


“But our area is safe as people are more responsible. They are taking maximum care.”


July 02nd Confirmed Cases 6,00,000

Confirmed deaths 17,000.


The number of deaths is still very low in our country. So not to worry.


July 17th 

Confirmed Cases 1,000,000

Confirmed deaths 25,600


The number of positive persons is increasing. But no one from acquaintances, known faces was infected.

The pandemic has not spread still in our areas.


July 23rd  in India

Confirmed Cases 1,238,635

Confirmed Deaths 29,861


And then a big building in Ashokvan was sealed as two families were found positive.

Received warning. But so far no person of acquaintance was infected.


On August 7th Confirmed cases 2,027,074

Confirmed  deaths  41,585

A school classmate of Neah was detected positive as she had to attend the bank work even during the lockdown period. She was quarantined in a nearby center. Shocked and extremely worried. But after 4-5 days she tested negative and returned home happily.

The worldwide figures increasing in bigger steps, had nearly reached a million mark. The Indian figures were rapidly approaching a six-digit mark.

The mental condition of all those confined to homes was getting bad.


August 23rd Confirmed cases 3,044,940

Confirmed  deaths:     56,706


Those who were dependent on daily wages or daily earnings were getting extremely worried about the maintenance of the household.

In the slightly better-off families, Old men were getting solace from listening to music, and ladies young and old had got hooked to the internet and got busy cooking new dishes.

But the Covid-19 was busy spreading its wings.

Vidya’s friend’s husband who was around fifty died of Covid-19.

After a week’s failure to contact his brother from a village some 350 km from Mumbai, Satish got the connection only to get the news that his entire family, the elderly couple, his daughter, and her 6-year-old son were quarantined for a week in nearby quarantine center and when they were tested negative, they were back home. The news created a shiver in the couple in Mumbai. So long they were feeling safe that no known person was infected till then, suddenly Covid-19 was seen so very close to them.

In the depressed mood, the couple was wondering when would this Covid pandemic trouble get over.


September 5th                 Confirmed cases 4,023,179

Confirmed  deaths:     69,561



Then the upsetting news reached. Satish’s childhood friend, ex. chief conservator of the state, residing in another big city in the state succumbed to Covid-19.  He was past 75 but absolutely fit and very active. Beyond imagination was that the Covid-19 fangs would be so poisonous.


September 16th           Confirmed Cases    5,020,359

    Confirmed Deaths      82,066.  


One more news came their way. A couple was found Covid positive in their society.  They were quarantined in their own house as there was enough space in their own house.

Just after a week, one more couple and a day later a third couple was detected positive.

And the worrisome matter was all the infected were below the age of fifty.

Covid-19 had reached their doorstep.



September 28th                Confirmed cases 6,074,702

   Confirmed  deaths   95,545.

October 3rd                  Confirmed  cases 6,473,544

Confirmed  Deaths     100,842   


October 18th             Confirmed cases 39.51 million

Confirmed Deaths 1,106,000.




In one more case in this society. A senior person, aged 75 was taken to Covid center.

Date 26th October 2020    300th  Day of the virus.



         Confirmed cases 11 million.

                                 Confirmed Deaths 11,57,000.


 Confirmed cases over 7 lakhs,

Confirmed Deaths 1,19,000.


November 15, 2020

Confirmed Cases : 52 millions

Confirmed Deaths : 1,285,379.

The death count increased exponentially and by end of 2022, it touched 8 Billion. The almost entire human population was the victim of the Covid-19 virus with different variants taking the lead one after another. The vaccine developed for a variant would be ineffective for the fresh variant attack.  



2nd January 2023 the space shuttle which had arrived from earth docked with the ISS.

The team of four persons boarded the shuttle and the space shuttle took off for Earth. After a couple of orbits around Earth,

the space shuttle landed at Florida airport.

The astronauts found many dead bodies lying scattered all over.

Unaware of the situation, in the eagerness of breathing the fresh air of earth, they took out their masks. In a short time, they started coughing intensely. Covid-19 took the last traces of humanity under its wings.

And in a couple of minutes, Covid-19 ended the last hopes of human life. The stranglehold of COVID-19 on humanity was complete. And the entire humanity went into oblivion from the map of the universe.

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I am UNIVERSE. I have started writing my diary when I am 1000 years old. Yes, that is when I became somewhat mature. First, I will note down my birth and then  I will continue scribbling in the diary if I observe anything noteworthy. God, please help me in my resolution.

I was born when all the matter and energy were contained in a hot, dense point size of a billionth of a nuclear particle. There was a big bang. In about 10^-43 seconds, I came into existence. I was a very hot and dense point then. Weakly interacting massive particles, dark matter, and dark energy appeared and I started growing. As an infant, I was getting cooled down when I started expanding outwards. I had cooled down to 10^32 kelvin (degrees).

Now, the gravity separated and the electronuclear forces such as bosons and matter were developed.

This is when I have started writing my diary. I hope I continue writing whenever I see anything different.

Today nearly 300 million years have passed.

Many stars with their solar systems are formed. The stars have started shining. Few stars were bigger and hotter but had a short life

 Now 400 million years have passed and many stars have started their own habitat called Galaxy. The galaxy I loved most was named the Milky Way.

The number of galaxies and the stars in each galaxy was increasing by leaps and bounds.

3.0 billion years:

The first observed habitable planet, is formed.

5.0 billion years:

Rocky substances are solidified – these nurseries lead to the formation of rocky terrestrial planetsmoonsasteroids, and icy comets

8 billion years: 

Alpha Centauri Star System, the closest star to the Sun, is formed.

9.13 billion years:

In the milky-way galaxy Proxima Centauri forms completing the Alpha Centauri trinary system

9.23 billion years:

My most favoured solar system was evolving faster.

 Four Jovian planets (JupiterSaturnUranusNeptune ) evolve around the sun.

9.27 billion years:

Earth-Moon system is formed.




9.3 billion years:

Sun becomes a main sequence yellow star. Formation of the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt from which a stream of comets like Halley’s Comet and Hale-Bopp begins passing through the Solar System, sometimes colliding with planets and the Sun

  • And now, the most important, evolutionary, Water was formed on earth.

9.8 billion years:

 Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies had a little collision.

10.4 billion years:

Life is evolved on Earth.

11 billion years:

The photosynthesis process started on earth.

12 billion years:

 Multi-cellular life was born on earth. Plants started growing.

13.35 billion years:

Vega and Sirius, the bright stars in the Earth’s sky, were formed.

  • Further development took place on earth. Vertebrates were evolved.


The tilt of the axis and the elliptical orbit tracing of the earth gave rise to different seasons on earth. I am getting extremely curious to observe the developments on this cute planet, earth.

The cycle of changing seasons was a regular affair as the speed of rotation and the orbit were followed strictly by the planets of the solar system.

  • At the beginning of the month of April, spring appeared after passing a harsh, bone-chilling, bitter winter.
  • The trees which had shed leaves during fall and become bare have started sprouting new leaves. A joyous atmosphere has arrived. The spring is welcome. Many plants have started flowering. Flashes of different brilliant colours are seen all around. The world of plants is increasing in size.
  • To accompany various colours, birds with melodious calls have joined merrymaking. Returning from a distant place on the planet where they had migrated to save themselves from harsh winter, the birds are happy to get back to the place of comfort and take charge of the areas nearby lakes to lay the eggs. Some smaller birds are making their nests on the trees where the emerging leaves are getting unfurled. Soon the eggs are laid in the nests. After some time, the eggs are hatched. And now, the parent birds keep taking care of the fledging young ones. The winged friends grow in size and in number too.
  • The same is the case for fauna. Spring carries with it the mating season. The animals give birth to young ones and their population starts swelling.
  • But every species has a predetermined life span. The birds, animals, and plants end their life after a specific amount of time. The cycle of life and death continues. Growing more and more, only to end its existence finally.  Humans also fall in this category.
  • The difference is the period of the cycle. Some insects live for hours whereas some for days. Many birds live a small number of months whereas animals have a life cycle of a few years. Some animals live for some decades of years whereas not many live even for a few centuries.

Some stars also die but the universe goes on expanding.

13.5 billion years :

There are billions of galaxies each with billions of stars following the laws of inflation.

Inflation is a process  in which space-time is expanding exponentially at a much fast rate. The expansion  is driven by an energy present in the vacuum

The galaxies of diameters of thousands of light-years are still expanding further and

each pulling itself much more apart from its neighbouring galaxies.

Inflation, growth. From big to enormous.

I am so happy that from a size of a speck, I have grown so big. A fantastic achievement.

Now some trillions of years have passed.

As I had dreaded, I stopped writing diary. Of course, there was nothing different happening. Inflationary expansion, formation of new stars and new galaxies was going on. As a result, I have become enormously big.

But since last few hundreds of years, I am noticing that star and galaxy formation is reducing.

The existing stars are fizzling out. The glittering property of sky is disappearing. The sky is becoming dark. And I am afraid the black holes have started gobbling up the matter. Slowly, the black holes will finish-up all the lingering matter. There won’t be anything left. I am seeing that very soon the traces of heat will disappear. And that would bring my death, the Big Freeze.

A few trillions of years passed:

Again a big bang will take place. Instant birth from an infinitesimally small point, gradual inflationary growth. and a new universe will be born. It will start expanding and continue growing. After some period, presumably billions of years, the big crunch will end its life too.

This is the interminable cycle.

I hope somehow sometime this diary will be discovered by some intelligent species like human being and will be able to know how this universe lived its very long life, and how colourful life existed on the cute planet earth.

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Dr. Vidya collected her mug, went to the tea vending machine. Selected Elaichi tea. When her mug was filled with the boiling hot tea, somehow, she managed to carry it up to the table nearby. She saw Dr. Satish with a file in one hand trying to lift his cup of boiling, hot tea by the other hand. The tea was too hot to manage to carry with just one hand. It was burning his fingers. Vidya got up from her seat and quickly came close to the tea vending machine. She picked Satish’s cup of hot tea and brought it to the table where her mug of tea was waiting for it to be finished.

“Thank you, Vidya. This file I have to hand over to Prof. Sathe of the astronomy department. I thought I would have tea first and then proceed to the Department of Astronomy to hand over the file.”

Vidya exchanged a smile. Satish took the chair and started sipping the hot tea.

“There is an extra crowd for tea today,” Vidya said.

“Yes, there is a popular lecture on James Web Space Telescope in the auditorium at 5 by Prof. Madhavan. Many want to attend that. So everyone is finishing with the tea and proceeding towards the auditorium.” Dr.Satish said, “Aren’t you attending the presentation?”

“Certainly, I am going to be present. My department is close to the auditorium. So need not worry about it.” Prof.Vidya said.

“Oh, Yes! You guys from the Department of Quantum Gravity have that privilege. Always cool about any popular lecture.”

Vidya smiled. Talking about the recent happenings in his field of Molecular Biology, Satish said a few words while they were having their tea. Then he quickly got up with the file, threw the paper cup in the waste bin, and rushed towards the department of Astronomy.

Vidya watched Satish disappearing in the crowd. She was lost in thoughts.

“How pleasant is Dr. Satish! Always smiling! His extraordinary work in molecular biology has earned him big accolades in the scientific world. He is also nominated for the Dr.Bhatnagar award. But still, he is down to earth. Very modest. His persevering nature is always appreciated by the seniors. Isn’t he a right partner for any woman?”

Vidya knew Satish since she joined the Institute of Fundamental Research after earning her Doctorate. They attended many scientific meetings together. But never did she think of him as the right candidate for a life partnership. But that day, a brief stint with him in the tea house of the institute, had enkindled some different feelings. She wished for some more encounters with Satish.

Dr.Satish headed for the department of Astronomy. But his mind was hovering around the quantum gravity. “What a charming lady is Dr.Vidya! Always ready with a helping hand for others. Did not I find the usual tea a special beverage today? Her sweet smile has penetrated my heart. Can I meet her again all alone? Is it any sign of love for her? I knew her for the last 4-5 years as a great scientist. We have attended many scientific meetings together. But never did I have such feelings about her. I hope to see her more frequently but not in groups. I want to know more about her as a person.”

After handing over the file to Dr.Sathe, Satish headed towards the auditorium. Instead of thinking about the speaker and the subject of his talk, Satish was entangled in the thoughts about Dr.Vidya. Entering the auditorium, his eyes searched for Vidya. He spotted her. But there was no vacant seat nearby. Disappointedly, he went a few rows behind. He took a seat from where he could see Vidya.

Very soon, the meeting convenor took over the mike. And after a brief introduction of the speaker, he handed over the mike to Prof. Madhavan.

Prof. Madhavan started his wonderful speech and all the scientific world in the auditorium was absorbed in the deep view of the cosmos hitherto unknown to the human eye. Satish had forgotten about Vidya. He also had moved into the far end of the world.

When the talk ended, the entire world of scientists in the hall, came down to their respective fields. Satish again was lost in thoughts about Vidya. When the audience dispersed, his eyes searched for her. But he was disheartened. He could not see her.

The next day Satish tried to find out some reason to visit Vidya’s department. But he failed to get a solid reason to approach her in her lab. He refrained from projecting himself as smitten with her. He waited for tea time when most of the scientists get to the cafeteria to refresh themselves.

Satish went to the cafeteria just in time and waited at the counter for her to arrive. When he noticed her, he stood in the queue to get the tea. Unaware of Satish’s presence, Vidya joined the queue. Satish on his turn bought two cups of tea and carried them to a vacant table. Kept the cups there. Then he approached her and told her about his buying the tea for her. With a smile, she excused her friends and joined Satish at the table.

“I am seeing you for the first time at this hour of the tea break,” Satish said.

“I too am surprised to see a molecular biologist in the coffee shop,” Vidya said.

“So, the probability of two scientists meeting together in the cafeteria is also proven by quantum theory. Isn’t it?” Satish tried to peep into the quantum world.

Sipping their hot tea slowly, both of them tried to understand each other more.

The table they started to occupy in the cafeteria, twice a day at fixed timings of tea break, was getting known as Multi-Disciplinary Research Table. The two scientists, Satish from Molecular Biology and Vidya from Quantum Gravity used to meet so regularly at tea times, that the table earned the name “Multi-Disciplinary Research Table”.

Both of them being scientists, they checked and tested each other from every possible angle.

Finally, they concluded their findings as coinciding and decided to tie the knot.

After their marriage, the Multi-Disciplinary Research Table was afraid of losing this identity. But to everyone’s dismay, they continued their meetings at the same table. Dedicated scientists that they were, they met each other in-office hours only during the tea breaks.

Happily married, this intellectual couple was heading towards significant achievements in their individual fields.

And one day, a new scientist Dr. Navin approached Dr.Vidya in her department to discuss a certain matter in his field. He was specialized in Dark matter and his area of work overlapped the field of gravity. After their detailed discussion, they proceeded to the tea house during tea break. Vidya took the usual table expecting Satish to join them soon.

That day Satish was a bit late for the tea. By the time he took his tea, Vidya and Navin had left the tea house and returned to Vidya’s department. Satish was surprised. He quickly finished his tea and returned to his laboratory.

In the night at home, Vidya told Satish about scientist Dr.Navin.

“So you got someone to discuss the matters of Gravity.”

“Yes. But do you know both fields have conflicting ideas about gravity?

Dark matter, the invisible stuff, is a force of gravity that at some distances, pulls massive objects such as holding the galaxies together and at other distances, pushes them apart.” Vidya tried to make some ideas about Dark matter, clear with Satish.

“But this idea itself appears quite odd,” Satish remarked.

“But that is a fact.” Vidya tried to point out the strangeness of the theory.

The next day at tea break, Dr. Navin joined Vidya for tea.

He started with a straight statement demeaning the quantum theory.

“Albert Einstein thought the quantum physicists have no choice but to predict the probability that events will occur. He said that describing reality required firm predictions followed by direct observations. But individual quantum interactions can not be observed directly. Dr.Vidya, you are wasting time and money on an idea that is unworthy,”

Vidya got annoyed. “The difference of opinion did not mean the other idea was absolutely worthless.”

“But I say, Dr. Vidya, you should change your problem of research. It will take you nowhere.” Navin was emphatic on his statement.

“Dr. Navin, would you mind keeping your ideas to yourself only?” Vidya retorted.

“Could you explain the weirdness associated with dark matter? Sometimes it has a positive effect and sometimes negative.”

“That will be cleared soon. But in quantum theory, the basis itself is on probability.

That is absolutely stupid.” Navin.

“Navin, please make sure what you find completely foolish. The statement on weird behavior or an expression on probability. The dark matter would exert gravity, which would be attractive at some length scales and repulsive at others. Dark matter pervades pretty much every galaxy, providing the extra gravity that keeps stars from swirling out into space, given the speeds at which astronomers see the galaxies rotating. And that’s super weird.” Vidya said angrily. She got up and rushed out of the cafeteria.

She entered her laboratory and squatted on the chair.

She remembered how delightful it was when she had exchanged her ideas about the field of working with Satish at the table in the cafeteria. The hot tea had a stimulating effect. But that day at the same table in the cafeteria, she had perturbing arguments and the hot tea had a draining effect.

The news of arguments between two scientists of the institute spread like wildfire.

Prof. Madhavan took the lead and at the tea break went on to the “Multi-Disciplinary Research Table”. He saw Dr. Vidya and Dr.Satish sipping hot tea.

Both of them stood up when they saw Prof. Madhavan at their table.

A group of other scientists joined the meeting at the table. One of them brought some hot mug of tea for prof. Madhavan.

Prof. Madhavan taking a sip of tea, said,” I heard about some arguments flared up about the two fields of research. I would like to throw some light on quantum gravity.

It is widely hoped that a theory of quantum gravity would allow us to understand problems of very high energy and very small dimensions of space, such as the behavior of black holes, and the origin of the universe.

The observation that all fundamental forces except gravity have one or more known messenger particles, leads researchers to believe that at least one must exist for gravity. This hypothetical particle is known as the graviton.

Even after decades of trying, the physicists haven’t spotted the particles, graviton floating around. While gravitons are an important theoretical step in a quantum mechanical description of gravity, they are generally believed to be undetectable because they interact too weakly. But theorists labored for decades to turn the idea into a coherent theory of gravity akin to Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, and to do so, they had to add new fields, cousins of the usual gravitational field.

That is what Quantum gravity is. And I must add here that the contribution by Dr. Vidya in this field has been appreciated by all. She is recommended for ‘The Quantum Gravity Award-2022.’ We congratulate Dr. Vidya for this nomination and wish her all the best.”

The small crowd around the table applauded. They all were treated with a mug of nice hot tea.


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That was a summer evening. It was getting dark. Some time had lapsed after setting of sun. The sky was full of twinkling objects. Abhijeet just finished his dinner and came out of the house. He looked up and was amazed by the glittering little spots in the sky. What must that be? He was lost in thoughts. His father came out and found Abhijeet engrossed looking at the skies.

“What are you thinking my child?”

“What are those sparkling little things in the sky?”

“Abhijeet, those are the blossoms fallen from the trees in the garden of GOD. By the morning somebody in the heaven sweeps them off. But again in the night the blossom falls. The garden in the heaven is so very big and there are so many flowering trees in there, that this huge sky gets fully covered by blossom drops. Splendid. Isn’t it?”

“Yes. Indeed. I want to see those flowers. Touch them. Feel them. Can we go to that garden? I am very keen.”

“No child. We can not go to that garden. It is far off. Only GOD stays that far off. We can not even think of it.”

Little Abhijeet was disappointed. His spirit was dampened. He went back inside the house and slept on his bed.



The sun set much earlier in the wintry night. Little Aryan had reached the village of his Grandfather to enjoy the Diwali vacation there. He was tired and was preparing to sleep. Just then he peeped out of the window of his Grandfather’s house. And he was startled to see so many twinkling things in the sky. “What that must be?” He could not sleep thinking of the glittering spots in the sky. He called his Grandfather and asked him about those sparkling things in the sky.

“My child, those are the planets and stars in the universe. The planets are in our solar system. They are like our earth. Some of them are much bigger than our earth. The stars are like our sun. Some stars are many times bigger than our sun. But they all are far off. So even the big stars look as small as planets of our solar system. Some billion years ago our solar system was formed. The invention of telescope has made it possible to see into the space. Countries like US, USSR are trying to send human beings on to our moon and planets like Mars. But there is no atmosphere there. So it is going to be difficult to land a human being there. But very soon that will happen. “



After sunset, when it was getting dark, little Aniket with his father came out on to the terrace of the 130 storey building where he was staying on 101st floor. He looked up and was dazzled by the sparkling stars in the sky.

“What are those twinkling little objects in the sky” asked innocent Aniket.

“Oh. Those are the planets of our solar system and stars of the universe.  Planets of our solar system are few A.U. away from our earth. But stars are much farther. Now since we have installed WEB SPACE TELESCOPE in the space much beyond our moon, we can see much deeper into the space. Some stars are a few hundred light years away. These stars have their own system of planets and there is a possibility of some life like human beings on some of the planets” father said.

Aniket’s curiosity reached very high. “Can we go to some star to see the planets there?”

“Yes, why not. We will book two seats on inter galaxy space shuttle and certainly we will be able to see the planets of solar system of some other star. On the way, we can have a glimpse of the rings of our SATURN as well as Jupitor. So now you go to sleep. Tomorrow we will have to board the inter galaxy flight. Okay. Let us get into our house and take a quick nap to be fresh for the flight.”

They came back in to their house. Aniket jumped into his bed and was dreaming about their inter galaxy flight the next day.